Winnie Raises $4m to Bring Inspiration and Insight to Modern Parents

June 25, 2018

With 1 million users in over 10k markets, Winnie is doing it. As we’ve have the chance to observe since the earliest days, the team members at Winnie are doers. Creating and scaling a product for millennial parents and caregivers who are amazingly underserved by a market where the incumbent brands started as magazines with outdated, gendered stereotypes of parenting and family. The Winnie team is building the new hub for parents, one which mixes data and community in ways that similar startups have struggled to implement at scale. TechCrunch has some more details on how it’s all coming together.

We’ve been impressed, but not surprised, by how Sara and Anne, Winnie’s founders, approach building their company as a product - deliberately and with a strong point of view. They’ve created a welcoming, inclusive environment that has brought together a group of people who are mission-driven while maintaining operational excellence. And as early stage investors, that’s a combination which earns not just our support but also our respect. We’re very proud to be part of Winnie’s mission and journey with this latest financing.