Our singular goal is to help you build a company of which you can be proud. We believe if you and your team accomplish this, and you’re solving a problem of value, the financial outcomes will be significant for everyone involved.

Why we exist

Our philosophy regarding the practice of venture capital investing is simple - the money we contribute to your company is a necessary, but not sufficient, component of our commitment to you. Sweat, reputation and accountability are what we promise. We get up every morning to work on your behalf. Talk to any founder we’ve backed and you’ll hear their own variation of the same story: we are on their team; we help them in broader and bigger ways than they expected; and we play to win.

How we help

Startups are built on three core pillars: team, product and go-to market strategy. We help you ensure you’re moving quickly and with access to the best customers, partners and industry experts. Our assistance isn’t ‘one size fits all’ but contextual to what your company is building and its stage of growth.

To help put those pillars in place, we commit our most valuable resource: time. We prioritize earning your trust and maintaining open channels, so you can pull us in at key moments – whether it’s identifying and recruiting top talent, getting on a whiteboard to collaboratively solve what’s bugging you or connecting you with a subject matter expert for the 30-minute conversation that saves two weeks of swirl. Homebrew is always just an email, text, direct message or phone call away.

Our investment process

We invest in mission-driven founders who embrace big – big ideas, big impact, big risk. Most importantly, we invest in teams that we hope to spend time with and support now and again in the future. We look for founders that have a passion and unique insight into solving a specific problem. We appreciate an orientation towards data and using it to question and change assumptions. We value integrity, focus, flexibility and a relentless will to succeed. We want leaders who collaborate, inspire and take time to celebrate the small victories.

Homebrew’s investment process is meant to give you and us the chance to feel what it would be like to work together, not just pitch each other. Our goal is to make efficient use of your time, moving quickly down a narrowing path to conviction. Days, not weeks.

We make funding decisions by consensus - we want you to know that HOMEBREW has invested in you. Once there’s mutual enthusiasm, we work with you to find an entry point that makes sense for your funding needs. Signatures, wire transfer and then the real fun begins!

Other facts about how we invest

While we always work with entrepreneurs to understand their specifics needs, we do have defined principles which guide our investing.

  • There’s no “max” or “min” number of investments per year.
  • We typically invest between $100k and $500k in your seed/A/B financing round.
  • While we always advocate for the creation of a board, in select cases, we commit to serving on the board. Whether with us or another investor, we believe that establishing board oversight early helps companies develop important disciplines and structures, which increase the likelihood of successfully raising additional capital. When we do serve on the board, we typically step off at the Series B, because we don’t believe in overcrowding your board room with investors.
  • We support our companies over time by investing in later financing rounds when appropriate and have access to even more capital for unique opportunities.