Rakuten Picks Up Curbside

June 12, 2018

When we started Homebrew in 2013 we had the feeling retail and logistics were going to be transformed by technology. Every company was becoming a “technology company” and entrepreneurs with insights into both enterprise and consumer needs had a chance to build something special. Jaron Waldman, CEO of Curbside, struck us as one of those founders and we were thrilled he let us sneak a supporting check into a near-closed financing.

Last week Jaron announced that Rakuten was acquiring his company, with the intent to keep Curbside operating as an independent - and turbo-charged - entity. Jaron sold his previous company to Apple, so he’s no stranger to these relationships and now has successfully landed two startups impressively. But even more exciting to us is his skill as a leader - Rakuten has in their hands a great team, a solid product footprint and a CEO who knows how to scale. Congrats to everyone involved.