Clarity Pediatrics Raises $10m for Chronic Condition Care, Starting with ADHD

April 23, 2024

We believe startups and software can be incredible drivers of positive change, but not without deliberate focus on ‘how’ you are building, in addition to the speed and success of outcomes. This is especially true when the company serves vulnerable populations such as children, and why when it comes to pediatric health care, Homebrew has searched for combinations of founding teams and missions that we’re proud to put our reputation behind, not just our capital. Clarity, which this week announced its initial $10 million funding, is an A+ example of what we seek.

WHO: Cofounders Christina LaMontagne, CEO, and Alessandro Larrazabal, CMO, combine years of operational and medical experience that informs the product, team and strategy behind Clarity. The cap table includes Homebrew, Rethink Impact, and Maverick Ventures.

WHAT: Chronic conditions in children (such as ADHD, Obesity, and Asthma) are sadly common but often undertreated due to cost and specialist limitations in the American health care system. For example, 47% of kids in the US are enrolled in Medicaid and 1 in 3 has a common chronic condition.

HOW: The cornerstone of Clarity Pediatrics’ approach to ADHD care is Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for families of children ages 5 to 12 with mild-moderate ADHD. Unfortunately, 80% of children with ADHD don’t have access to BPT, and most families wait over a year and pay $3,000 or more out of pocket to get access to ADHD treatment. Clarity Pediatrics makes pediatric ADHD care 10x more accessible and 20x more affordable: families have access to next-day appointments, including for ADHD diagnostic screening and medication-related services, and pay an average co-pay of $15 per session.

While ADHD is the current focus, Clarity plans to expand into other care areas where there are high percentages of comorbidity and similar provider shortages.

WHY: Because healthy childhoods set kids on the path to happier, more successful lives while eliminating stress from family and caregivers. The pediatric chronic care market is huge but underserved and fragmented. We believe the startup which helps solve these challenges in a software-driven, non-incremental model will be both valuable and impactful. We believe that Clarity will be that company.

If you care for a child who could benefit from Clarity’s ADHD product they’d be happy to hear from you. And if you are interested in joining an early stage startup building the future of pediatric chronic care, they’re hiring.