Reken Raises $10 Million to Fight Generative AI Security Threats

February 2, 2024

If you hang around the tech community long enough one thing becomes clear: it’s all about the people. Homebrew exists today because its founding partners worked a few feet from one another at Google. And that same backstory explains our participation in Reken’s $10 million seed fundraise.

Shuman Ghosemajumder, Reken’s cofounder and CEO, also sat within that small group of AdSense product managers, and as a result we’ve know him for just about 21 years. When he and Rich Griffiths let us know they were starting a new company together it was an easy “Yes”. Not surprisingly, we weren’t the only former colleagues to sign on and perhaps a little bit of that Google magic will bless this startup as well.

Reken sits at the intersection of what the team learned at Shape Security (where Shuman was CTO and Rich was VP Product) and their investigations into how generative AI was creating new threats that individuals and companies would need to address.

While the company is still being quiet about their product, they are hiring, so if the overview intrigues you, let them know.