Pika, Both a Creative Video Technology and Creative Video Community, Announces $55m Funding

November 29, 2023

We’re believers that software helps people be creative and that everyone has creative abilities. This informed our work at YouTube, Twitter, and Second Life, as well as our prior investments in companies like Anchor. And it drives our investment in Pika, an idea-to-video platform powered by AI.

When we met Demi Guo, Pika’s CEO and Cofounder, we were struck both by her technical accomplishments and her interest in building a community, not just software. Sign us up - for the product and for the investment, which Pika announced this week as the latest addition to what now totals $55 million in cumulative funding.

Earlier we mentioned Anchor, and it was their CEO Mike Mignano, who now as a Partner with Lightspeed, led this round (and introduced us to Demi). It’s a joy to work alongside him again!

If you are interested in joining Pika (the product), sign up here.

If you are interested in joining Pika (the company), they are of course hiring.