Sitka Joins Forces With AristaMD to Solve for the Future of Medical Specialty Care

November 20, 2023

ALL entrepreneurship is difficult, but sometimes it feels like those working in the health care markets have it especially hard. The health care market is in need of massive change in the US but it has so many impediments to moving quickly, even when in the hands of the most responsible founders. We’ve had a front seat to this reality as CEO Kelsey Mellard and her company Sitka built their remote specialty consult product.

Sitka has become a trusted partner to a variety of customers, including some of the most prestigious and innovative hospital systems. It allows doctors to get specialist consults virtually and from outside of their institutions, meaning patients can have access needed expertise while care providers have more flexibility in staffing. Sitka just combined forces with AristaMD to continue scaling to a future where software can help bridge cost and quality gaps in care, no matter where you reside. And that’s good for everyone.