Gatheround Raises $8 Million Series A For Software That Powers High Impact Video Meetings

November 6, 2023

If you think that every work conversation you will ever have in your lifetime will be IRL then stop reading now.

If you think that Zoom is the perfect tool for any type of virtual experience among teams then stop reading now.

Ok, if you made it this far let us tell you about Gatheround, a modern software product that helps teams, companies and organizations conduct high quality meetings that matter - such as All Hands, Employee Onboardings, and anything that requires talented, creative humans to interact.

Trusted and loved by customers such as Gusto, Salesforce, Lyft and Cisco, Gatheround just announced its $8 million Series A to continue development and deployment of its unique, opinionated and effective platform. We’re excited to continue our support in this round after leading the seed earlier.

As CEO Lisa Conn writes, “We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what distributed teams can do with the right tools. Remote and hybrid teams are already more engaged and more equitable. Gatheround is the final piece of the puzzle: a meeting platform that reflects the social dynamics that give in-person interactions their collaborative magic. Not only are engaging meetings a good business practice, they’re also essential to shared team culture and norms. Teams and companies equipped with those strong, healthy social ties are unstoppable.”

If breaking out of the tiled gray video wall for your work sounds appealing, try Gatheround. Oh and also, they’re hiring.