Shield AI Raises $200 Million to Further Development of the World’s Best AI Pilot

November 1, 2023

There are a number of financial benchmarks that validate the growth of a startup, and as venture investors, these are all of course important to our firm. But from the earliest days of Homebrew we’ve aspired to back entrepreneurs who think not just about the impact success has on their bank accounts and their speaker bios, but on the world as a whole. ShieldAI has always been a company which overflows the “mission-driven” bucket, since its founding days when one brother, returning from military deployment, asked his sibling a tear-producing question. “Can we use technology to gather information instead of putting our soldiers and civilians in danger?

Now a decade later, Shield produces smart autonomous devices and aircraft which are deployed by our country, and other nations, in combat zones, on critical life saving missions, and for disrupting large scale criminal activity. Shield is even currently in Gaza. The company's platform has saved lives, intercepted illegal goods, and performed a host of other flight missions that will quietly stay out of headlines. Shield's board decks produce gasps, tears, and applause. And it’s still just the beginning.

Shield announced a raise of $200 million additional dollars to further the development of this industry-leading software, at an increased valuation over its previous round. There is no ceiling on where Shield can go from here, and we’re proud to be early investors and ongoing supporters.

If a responsible startup at the intersection of compelling technology and global-relevance interests you, they’re hiring.