Satsuma Raises $5 Million For a Better Blockchain Indexing and Querying Platform

April 7, 2023

We love when a team is passionate about infrastructure, and the Satsuma cofounders believe that web3 won’t grow without better tooling for developers. That’s why they raised a $5m seed round to help dApp developers to design custom blockchain data APIs. In their own words:

“Engineers currently have tools to get low-level data, but indexing & processing that data still takes weeks of development time. Writing your own indexing stack requires extra engineering effort to develop and maintain. Meanwhile, existing solutions have issues with slow performance, data lag, and downtime.”

That’s why teams from projects such as Decentraland, Aragon, Treasure, Lyra, and Syndicate are all using Satsuma.

If Satsuma’s mission sounds exciting to you, they’re hiring engineers.