Assembly Raises $10 Million Series A For Its All-in-One Culture Suite for Engagement, Recognition, Communication and Documentation

February 23, 2023

We believe strongly that businesses of all sizes need great ‘back office’ HR software to provide and manage payroll, benefits and other administrative requirements. That’s why we’ve invested in companies such as Gusto, Level, Noyo, Finch, and others. But we also believe in what we term ‘front office’ HR - the products that executives, managers and teams need to bring everyone together and produce great results. Recognition, engagement, documentation, surveys, 1:1 meetings - there seems to be an almost endless list of needs that organizations have. But it can seem like a company needs a full-time group to evaluate and administer the disparate, single point SaaS solutions for each one of these needs!

No longer. Several years back, the team at Assembly realized that the majority of companies don’t want 15 different vendors, they want one extensible product that can grow with their needs. A single interface and a single source of truth for the ‘front office’ HR needs across the company. Assembly delivers out of the box modules for your most pressing needs and a no code builder that powers customization and creation of many more culture suite products.

Assembly and its customers weren’t the only people to recognize the significance of this opportunity, investors did too. And so Assembly recently announced the raise of a $10 million Series A to continue growing its team and technology.

If you’re looking to consolidate multiple SaaS HR tools into a single platform (and single bill!), take a look at Assembly. And if working on culture tools that make every company work better together seems exciting, Assembly is hiring.