Adonis Raises Seed Round So Health Care Providers Can Spend Less Time on Revenue Management and More on Patient Care

October 17, 2022

The size of the healthcare market and the fact it touches so many lives so personally makes this industry a very compelling area for startup founders to try and help improve. But it’s those same dynamics which also create complexity, not to mention a regulatory environment that simultaneously tries to maintain quality standards while also falling victim to huge amounts of regulatory capture. Any entrepreneur ready to navigate this maze needs endurance in addition to smarts. Fortunately, we’ve found leaders like this at portfolio companies such as Honor, Sitka, Tia, and several others to be announced. And most recently at Adonis, a novel new software company focused on the revenue management market.

The Adonis cofounders know each other quite well - Akash and Aman are brothers - and most recently were the cofounder and first employee, respectively, of a growth-stage startup helping employees make the most of their benefits packages. This experience, and a long time interest in the problems facing health care practitioners, are the foundation for Adonis. They share more about their point of view with Forbes in an article announcing the funding,

“It wasn’t until that process [that] Aman and I became intimately familiar with all the challenges that doctors go through when trying to get reimbursed by medical insurance companies,” 30 Under 30 alum Akash, now 26, told Forbes. “Speaking with dozens of practice leaders across the country, we learned that time and time again every single practice was having the same challenge.”

This first funding round gives Adonis $5.6 million to start attacking this problem, and Homebrew eagerly participated alongside our friends at Bling Capital, Coalition Operators, and other notable investors.

If this sounds like a problem you’d like to spend the next few years working on, Adonis is hiring.