Raises $42 Million Series B to Make AI Work for Everyone

October 3, 2022

Our world is being shaped by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Sometimes in ways that are clear and visible, and often in manners which are more subtle. It’s powerful technology that helps decide who qualifies for a mortgage, the rates a life insurance provider offers, and many other fundamental interactions between people, companies, and networks. So it’s not a surprise that companies seeking to benefit from this technology also are motivated to increase the observability, explainability, and fairness of their models. And that’s where comes in.

Built by a team of technologists and operators who are motivated not only by the market opportunity but by the mission as well, Arthur has quickly become one of the preferred technical partners to companies in the financial, health, manufacturing, and retail industries. This momentum carried the company to a recently announced Series B financing of $42 million, funding the ongoing development and scaling of their platform.

If working on these types of problems at a well-run and well-funded startup appeals to you, they’re hiring.