Pinch and Chime: Making Beautiful Music Together

October 1, 2018

At Homebrew, when we invest our goal is to back founders who we’re proud to put not only capital but also sweat and reputation behind. So it’s incredible when two of our high quality teams come together to fulfill a shared vision. Last month, Chime acquired Pinch, a startup working to democratize access to lower cost, higher quality financial products by first improving credit scores. Homebrew led Pinch’s seed round over two years ago and co-led Chime’s seed round almost five years ago. We couldn’t be more pleased to have two incredible teams who we’ve worked with so closely decide to work even more closely with each other.

The now even stronger Chime team is building a truly special business. Already the leading challenger bank in the U.S., Chime is poised to make it possible for anyone to live a healthier financial life without being burdened by the pain and expense historically associated with doing so. If you’re interested in making top notch financial services available to everyone, join the Chime team!