Virtual Currency, Real Investment Returns

September 28, 2018

Sometimes the tech world moves faster than our blog does, and that’s why we’re just getting around to congratulating Homebrew portfolio founder Adam Ludwin on the forming of Interstellar, a combination of his company, Chain, with Lightyear, a Stellar-focused development company.

Chain was one of the original “the blockchain is more than just Bitcoin” companies and its API/developer platform supported the efforts of several large financial services institutions in building atop the blockchain. Along the way, Adam also became a strong, clear voice in the industry for building software and value, not just hype. When he shared that Chain and Stellar were combining forces, it made total sense to us given where the industry is headed and what infrastructure it needs to unlock new opportunities for developers and end users. We’re thrilled with the outcome for the team and for the early investors (of which we were a small supporting piece).

Thanks to Adam and the entire Chain team!