TruStory: Curating a More Trusted Reality

May 28, 2018

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of activity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly the space has evolved since our investment in Chain back in 2014. Over the long term, we believe in the power of the underlying technologies and potential applications. But in the short term, we’ve tried to focus our investing on the building blocks needed to allow for mainstream use and adoption of the tech and apps. In addition to security, stability and scalability, one of those building blocks is identity. So when we met Preethi Kasireddy we couldn’t help but be taken by her perspectives on identity on the blockchain and her vision for how TruStory could help build it. TruStory is starting by creating a platform that leverages social and economic incentives to validate and curate a more trusted reality, initially in the blockchain space itself.

We’re excited about the impact that TruStory can have on the world and thrilled to support Preethi and the team as they get started on their journey. With a fresh round of seed capital TruStory is off and running. Stay tuned to learn about opportunities at this LA-based company.