Humu’s Mission to Make Work Better

May 21, 2018

Now that CEO Laszlo Bock and team are sharing a bit more about what they’re up to at Humu, we’re able to post about our own involvement with the startup as supporting investors. We were both fortunate enough to overlap with Laszlo at Google, where he ran People Ops for over a decade. What we observed was a strong, opinionated, data-driven leader - not unique for the “Googler” makeup - but also one who was especially interested in challenging and evolving the assumptions we’d baked into our hiring processes and talent strategies. That Google’s best contributors weren’t necessarily the ones with the highest SAT scores and fanciest degrees. That our recruiting processes were screening out all types of intelligence and diversity that we absolutely needed to continue thriving and innovating. That people and the development, compensation and retention infrastructure that supported them were as vital as the code and servers upon which our products ran.

So when Laszlo shared he was building a new company along with Wayne Crosby and Jessie Wisdom, we wanted to make sure Homebrew could participate. Since that time they’ve raised over $40m from leading investors such as Index Ventures and IVP and deployed their product with companies ranging from 150 to 65,000 people. We’re thrilled to be a small part of the Humu journey and know their people-first approach is the way work is done best.

Oh, and they’re hiring.