How to Think About Diversity at Your Startup

February 26, 2016

It’s never too early to think about how to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. We actively talk about this with Homebrew companies and have come up with some basic guidelines for thinking about “Diversity at Startups” to help them and you hire with diversity in mind during the early stages. Hopefully these guidelines and tips help you build more diverse teams and possibly help you discover some things about you and your colleagues along the way. Everyone has biases. Recognizing them can help you have an open mind, question your process and avoid hiring mistakes. The earlier you think about inclusion in the workplace, the better chance you’ll have for true innovation and success. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this document:

Like our What Ifs this will be a living document that we’ll edit and update as we learn and get feedback. We look forward to a thoughtful and productive conversation about this topic. Don’t hesitate to contact Beth Scheer, Homebrew’s Head of Talent, if we can help your startup think about these issues.