The Operating System for Physical Space: Our Follow-On Investment in Q

June 18, 2015

Cleaning offices isn’t easy, but at Q, everyone cleans. And everyone gets the opportunity to earn a living wage, build a career and contribute meaningfully to the success of the business. It’s this commitment to culture, employees and clients that got us excited when we made our initial seed investment in Q last year. And it’s what has kept us excited as we participated in the company’s $15 million Series A financing, led by RRE Ventures, that Q is announcing today.

Q combines people, process and technology to deliver the operating system for physical office space. Via an iPad installed in your office, Q centralizes stellar office cleaning and other smart services to help office operations run smoothly. Hundreds of offices in New York, Chicago, and as of today, San Francisco, are using Q to clean and manage their offices efficiently and cost effectively.

We couldn’t be more excited about the business and the company that Dan, Saman and the Q team are building. And we’re happy to finally be both investors and customers with Q’s launch in San Francisco! Join us and have your office Managed by Q by signing up here.