Free: Spend More Time With The People Who Matter

June 15, 2015

It’s not #TBT but we’re going to take you back to simpler times: when AIM chat ruled online messaging. Remember setting your Green, Yellow, Red status to signal whether you were available, kinda busy or didn’t want to be disturbed? It made tons of sense to indicate your status while you were online but now that we’re always online (thanks to that smartphone in our pocket), shouldn’t we have just as simple a way to tell our friends where were are and if we’re available to hang? Yup. And that’s what Free cofounder Danny Trinh set out to build.

Danny is someone we’ve known for a long time via his innovative design work at Digg and Path. He’s a friend of Homebrew and we were excited when he offered us the chance to play a supporting role in the financing of his newest project, Free. We love the app. TechCrunch loves the app. You should download the app (iOS) and let us know when you’re Free to hang out.