Welcoming Beth Scheer, Head of Talent, to the Homebrew Team

June 15, 2015

Capital follows talent. So we knew when we started Homebrew that we’d be seeking out talent with the attitude and aptitude to build companies of consequence. When we find and invest in that talent, the entire team is typically no more than 2 to 4 people. Not surprisingly, one of the main areas we focus on with Homebrew partner companies is helping them grow their teams and talent base. That help involves working on many different aspects of the talent recruitment process. How to find the best candidates. Knowing the difference between a good and great engineer. The kinds of questions to ask a design candidate. Appropriate compensation for a product manager. Who to involve in making hiring decisions. What constitutes a great candidate experience. How to close a CTO candidate. And so much more.

We are firm believers that people choose companies; companies don’t choose people. Helping the founders we support understand the issues above is critical to their team building. But we wanted to be able to extend our support to anyone we know, helping him or her find the right opportunity, whether within the Homebrew portfolio or outside of it. How could we best utilize Homebrew’s time, resources and relationships to create value for the entrepreneurs we know and work with in the context of Talent? We recently came to an answer - find someone best-in-class to lead those efforts. And after a long and thorough search, we finally have. It’s with extreme pleasure that we announce the addition of Beth Scheer, Head of Talent, to the Homebrew team.

Beth joins us after a dozen years and hugely successful tenures at Salesforce and Google. She has led and done recruiting for every function within those companies, including Engineering, Sales and Leadership. And she has done so with the recognition that the candidate is as much her customer as is her employer. It’s that attitude, along with her world-class aptitude, that convinced us that Beth is the absolute perfect fit for Homebrew. At Homebrew, Beth will be working closely with our companies to help them establish their talent processes and to fill key positions. She’ll also be working with us to build critical infrastructure for managing our relationships and knowledge so that we can be helpful to anyone who seeks our counsel. Finally, she’ll be working to make information and best practices about the talent process more broadly available to all entrepreneurs inside and outside of the Homebrew family of companies.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Beth join our team. Beth is passionate about recruiting, mentoring, and sharing best practices. Don’t be shy about contacting her at beth@homebrew.co. Beth, welcome to Homebrew!