Curbside Zigs to Pickup While Others Zag to Delivery

October 7, 2014

You know how at college you earn a degree by committing to and excelling in a small number of classes per semester that are required for your major? But sometimes there’s a class or professor that’s really compelling but your schedule is too busy or the class is at capacity so you just decide to audit it on the side?

Well, if you followed that potentially confusing metaphor then you may understand why we’re excited to share that Homebrew played a small supporting role in Curbside’s recent financing. After getting wind of its business earlier this year, we met with Curbside CEO, Jaron Waldman, to learn more. We were impressed by his vision and the strength of the team, a group of entrepreneurs that had sold their previous companies to Apple. With Curbside, they were getting together to pursue a unique take on the on-demand economy: pickup, not delivery.

Alas, Homebrew writes its checks at the seed stage and Curbside was already raising a larger A round that was almost fully closed. So we did what all opportunistic, scrappy VCs do. We asked to participate in a small way and made a case as to why both Curbside and Homebrew would benefit from the relationship. Jaron agreed and today we join Index and other investors in celebrating the team’s Series A milestone.