Welcoming our newest Homebrew Advisors, Tracy Chou and Roy Sehgal

September 23, 2014

When advising startups, we preach “Teach, don’t just tell” and in building our initial group of Homebrew Advisors we focused on people who haven’t just achieved, but also instructed, mentored, managed and inspired. Technologists who aren’t just comfortable on stage, but most importantly love, being shoulder to shoulder with coworkers and entrepreneurs. Since we started the fund early last year, these advisors have voted with their time and energy to assist Homebrew founders in building their startups.

Our plan is to add new advisors over time based on our evolving relationships and the needs of the teams we back. We’re excited to add two more wonderful, accomplished and talented friends to the Homebrew family.

  • Tracy Chou - Tracy is a tech lead at Pinterest and previously the second engineering hire at Quora. She has also been at the forefront of cultural issues, helping to push large tech companies to start reporting their metrics around workplace diversity. We first got to know Tracy via Code2040, a Bay Area nonprofit helping to close the access gap for Black and Latino/a engineering students in the Valley.
  • Roy Sehgal - Roy’s career spans significant operating roles in the digital and mobile entertainment industries, most recently as a VP at Zynga. In addition to advising our founders on a range of growth, business development and monetization questions, Roy is going to be another pair of eyes and ears for Homebrew in the New York market. When we started Homebrew, we hypothesized that New York would be our second core geography and we’ve validated that hypothesis by backing a number of “best built in NYC” startups. Roy and Satya went to Penn together and were reconnected via the Zynga mafia.

Thanks Tracy and Roy for taking the leap with us and to our current Advisors for their continued support!

Homebrew Advisors