Slang: Helping Small Businesses Answer Every Call Intelligently

June 29, 2023

The hype around generative AI is palpable. But while there is tremendous potential, there still aren’t many clear examples of true business value being created with the technology, especially for consumers and small businesses. That’s why we were so excited to meet the team at Slang and lead their recently announced Series A financing.

WHO: Alex Sambvani and Gabe Duncan met when they were implementing personalized voice AI as members of the data science team at Spotify. That experience taught them that the power of voice AI could be applied to help businesses of all types, but that the technical hurdles would be too challenging for many of them. They conceived of Slang to bring this transformative technology to small businesses via a simple, fast and highly performant voice AI platform.

WHAT: Slang has built an AI-powered, 24/7 phone concierge that intelligently answers customer calls for small businesses, starting with restaurants. Slang enables customers to implement voice AI with a simple, no-code solution that is up and running in 30 minutes and offers powerful data intelligence that helps drive customer engagement and revenue. Quickly and easily, Slang automatically handles tasks like booking appointments, making reservations, placing food orders, and more, resulting in higher conversion and happier customers.

HOW: Available voice solutions deliver a terrible customer experience (phone directories anyone?), cost exorbitant amounts of money, take months to implement and rarely integrate into other systems that small businesses rely upon (like reservation systems for restaurants). Having staff answer calls distracts them from their core job responsibilities and creates an inconsistent customer experience. Slang stitches together a number of technologies, including natural language processing, text to speech, dialogue management and reservation system APIs, to taking an often troublesome customer touchpoint (answering customer phone calls) for location-based businesses and turning it into a scalable, affordable and actionable revenue channel.

WHY: Small businesses are facing an unprecedented staffing shortage and all-time-high wages — this means it's no longer affordable to answer the phone, resulting in missed calls and lost business. Slang helps SMBs capture more opportunities over the phone and elevate the

customer experience. Over time, Slang will become the conversational AI layer for business — an entirely new channel for businesses to transact, market, and serve their customers.

If being on the cutting edge of technology and helping small businesses thrive sounds exciting to you, join the team at Slang. They are hiring for positions in New York and remotely.