Modelbit Raises $5m Seed Round To Modernize ML Model Deployment

May 17, 2023

A decade ago we shared an office with the Modelbit founders. Not in parallel, as might typically be the case, but serially. You see, Homebrew’s first HQ was a SOMA office that previously housed Periscope Data, Tom and Harry’s first startup together. Yeah there were some other connections - time together at Google being one - but we’ll fondly remember inheriting the early stage vibes (and success!) they left behind in that office. Not to mention getting their errant packages for several months after!

At Periscope Data, Tom and Harry built an industry-leading platform for complex data analysis that allowed cloud data teams to experiment with machine learning and other advanced processes to unlock new value from data. When they decided to return to their data science startup roots with Modelbit, it was a chance to deepen our connection with them beyond misplaced mail by becoming investors in their seed round. The Modelbit team is deep in data science, machine learning and cloud infrastructure. Supporting them as they build in this space was a no-brainer.

So if you’re a data scientist seeking a faster ML deployment platform, check out Modelbit.