Stelo Labs Raises $6 Million Seed Round To Protect Everyone from web3 Scammers

February 23, 2023

It’s not just the high profile NFT phishing scams that web3 participants need to worry about. Whether you’re collecting, investing, speculating or building; using web3 for utility, authentication, or infrastructure; or engaging in some future use cases we can’t even imagine yet, there are folks out there looking to rip you off and steal what’s in your wallet or digital locker. That’s where Stelo comes in.

The team at Stelo Labs has built protection for every type of transaction: Defi and Swaps, NFT marketplace, signatures, malicious contracts. Doesn’t matter, they’re on top of it. They offer a Chrome extension, an API, and a SDK to help you integrate safety all across the user experience.

The talent of the Stelo team, vision for a safer web3, and progress to date hasn’t just attracted users and customers, but also investors. And Stelo is now announcing a $6 million seed round to further its efforts. If what Stelo is working on sounds intriguing, it’s also hiring engineers in NYC/remote.