Bowery Farming Acquires Traptic Because The Future of Food Is Robotic

February 16, 2022

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a venture firm is seeing the community of founders you’ve backed support one another along the way. Often the motivation is just paying it forward or paying it back - they all know how difficult company building can be and want to share information or lessons learned. But sometimes these relationships deepen to the point of collaboration.

Today one such collaboration made itself public with the announcement by Bowery Farming that it has acquired Traptic, a startup focused on robotics-assisted harvesting of fruit and produce. As fortunate seed investors in both of these teams we know how valuable bringing Traptic’s IP into Bowery’s platform will be to the future of food. Bowery, already the leading vertical farming company, has incredible growth ahead, and this marks its expansion from leafy greens to a broader set of fruits and vegetables. We can’t wait for the day where the majority of items in our crispers are Bowery-grown!

If helping to build the future of farming where technology helps grow organic, high quality, low climate impact food, Bowery is hiring.