Crowdbotics Raises $22M Series A to Enable Anyone to Turn Ideas into Code

January 27, 2022

You’ve surely heard the phrase ‘software is eating the world’ to describe the role of technology intertwining itself with every part of our lives. At Homebrew, we certainly believe this as well, although sometimes we’ll reframe it as ‘software enables the world’ (which is, yes, decidedly less catchy). And we love investing in startups that are enabling the enablers - that is, helping companies of all sizes to increase the quality and velocity of their software development. Crowdbotics is one such startup and it just recently announced itself and a $22 million Series A fundraise.

WHO: Anand Kulkarni started Crowdbotics in 2017 to build apps faster. Previously he founded Lead Genius to provide AI-accelerated prospecting for sales teams. Crowdbotics extends on his interest in combining software with human assistance.

WHAT: Crowdbotics dramatically lowers the barrier to app building for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations, even in heavily regulated industries like health care and government. They do this via a modularized framework where developers can use a React Native and Django library to generate Git-hosted code output that’s open to your customization. And if you don’t have developers available, Crowdbotics has a cloud labor force of app integrators to do the ‘last mile’ work for you.

HOW: Serious products need real code meaning that low-code solutions simply can’t create most of the software that people want to build. Their approach – letting teams build with real code, directly in Git, using a growing library of prebuilt parts and knowledge – enables creators to actually scale on the platform rather than outgrow it.

WHY: “Software enables the world” means that not just everyone becoming a customer of software companies but making it easier to create or customize your own software. Crowdbotics seeks to democratize the act of software development.

And they’re hiring in all roles (remote welcome)!