Walrus Founders Join Airtable To Expand Product & Engineering Leadership Team

December 21, 2021

Everyone who starts a company does so because they believe there’s a chance to be the outlier. To be the company which defies probabilities and builds something enduring. And at Homebrew we’ve been fortunate to back founders who have accomplished this already and many more who are on their journey to this point. But sometimes you see the real character of founders not when everything is going well but when you need to make a final choice about going forward or choosing another option.

We had the pleasure of supporting Akshay, Jake and Scott of Walrus as they built their startup and ultimately, their decision to join Airtable. We saw how they ran a process. We saw how they treated their investors and team. And what we saw were three people who were as impressive, smart and ethical as the founders we originally backed. We know they’ll do great work at Airtable and continue to make an impact in the tech industry for years and years to come.