ResQ Restaurant Maintenance & Repair Platform Hits 3,000 Locations Deployed, Announces Seed Funding

June 23, 2021

Much of what we do at Homebrew is based on the belief that software has the power to meaningfully empower individuals with information and access. A considerable number of the startups we’ve backed look to bring these capabilities to traditional industries that predate the PC, including construction, agriculture and health care. The hospitality business - especially restaurants - is one of the world’s oldest industries, and we’re excited to share what ResQ is doing to help it. ResQ grew 750% through the pandemic and just announced its seed financing.

WHO: When we first met KJ, ResQ’s CEO, one thing we loved was that he’d experienced the problem he was looking to solve, as the owner of an Australian Meat Pie cafe. He was able to talk passionately about what it meant to his business when the refrigerator went down or the grease trap cleaner had to reschedule. Namely, more stress, fewer dollars and long hours. He knew there was a better way and that he could build a team to help him create it.

WHAT: ResQ is a software platform that helps restaurants request, manage and pay for their maintenance and repair needs. By giving owners and team members increased visibility into the schedules and costs of their operations it allows them to operate more efficiently and effectively. ResQ also works on behalf of service vendors, giving them the tools they need to perform high quality work, run their businesses as entrepreneurs and take pride in their outcomes.

HOW: By combining a SaaS tool with labor marketplace and financial tools, ResQ ensures that all parties are using the same information. This limits downtime and increases quality of operations while also reducing operational expenses due to miscommunication and lack of pricing transparency. Restaurant locations save as much as 10-30% on their maintenance costs and service providers find themselves with more time to work, avoiding unnecessary travel, delays and approvals.

WHY: Restaurants operate on thin margins already and want to focus their time and resources on great guest experiences. No one gets into the hospitality business because they love to worry about uptime and ResQ can often be the difference between a packed house or a “closed for unexpected repairs” sign on the door.

If you’d like to join a team creating real value for one of the world’s largest industries, ResQ is hiring.