Sitka Raises $14m Series A To Build the Future of Medical Specialist Health Care

February 12, 2021

Health care is one of those areas where founders often need to straddle being “insiders” and “outsiders.” The regulatory environment, partnership opportunities and intricacies of payment models all rely upon knowing your way around the industry. At the same time, ‘lifers’ often list all the reasons that the status quo won’t change, rather than charge bravely into new ideas. In Sitka’s CEO, Kelsey Mellard, we felt we’d met the perfect combination of insider knowledge and reputation matched with an outsider’s impatience - she and the Sitka team believe that improvements in care and cost can go hand in hand. And now we’re thrilled that Venrock agrees with us, leading Sitka’s $14m Series A. Sitka brings specialists to health systems, primary care providers and other patient-oriented environments where an expert opinion can mean the difference between an unnecessary, expensive surgery and a simple, smart rehab plan. Its telemedicine solution is creating a ‘specialist cloud’ that every healthcare provider front end will tap into as needed on an ongoing basis. There’s no reason for specialist deserts, where a patient can’t access expertise because of her location or socioeconomics. Sitka is truly democratizing access to high quality health care.

If you’re excited about bringing better health care to everyone, Sitka is hiring.