1:1 or 1:Many, Superpeer Lets You Host Paid Video Calls

December 6, 2020

Superpeer recently announced its new paid channels feature and $10 million total raised so it’s time for us to share the background on Homebrew’s involvement.

WHO: CEO Devrim Yasar and his cofounders believe in the value of connections. As an international founder (and team), Devrim has seen that knowledge is held by a diverse group of experts across the globe but that it’s still too difficult for this expertise to be showcased, and way too hard for people to turn their time into money.

WHAT: Superpeer is a platform that lets people host 1:1 or 1:many video calls and get paid for doing so. You can book a call or event and set the price for your time, making available slots on your calendar. Superpeer started out simply, supporting just 1:1 calls. But it just launched channels, which allow others to subscribe to you ongoing. It’s up to you to decide if you want to charge for these subscriptions or just for certain premium events.

HOW: A consumer product sensibility with enterprise scale video and payment infrastructure. Sounds easy, right? But as any product development team that has worked on either media or commerce platforms will tell you, the devil (and the performance) are in the technical details and the user experience.

WHY: From our earliest days working together on Google AdSense, we’ve seen how expertise and new voices can attract audiences. When we ran product at Twitter and YouTube we doubled down on this belief. Superpeer resonated for us because the team understood that you need community and experience alongside monetization to help individuals build lasting businesses. That winning this market isn’t just about putting a paywall in front of a Zoom call - that’s going to be a commodity feature in dozens of products. What you see on Superpeer today is just the tip of the iceberg and we believe that this team has the intuition and execution abilities to continue moving fast towards helping all people unlock the value of their expertise and create businesses of one.

If you want to become a Superpeer, apply today.