Women’s Health IRL & URL: Tia Raises $24 Million Series A

May 31, 2020

We often tell founders that more startups perish from indigestion than starvation ⎼ by trying to do too much at once, they fail to be excellent at anything and run out of time before finding traction. So when Tia’s CEO, Carolyn Witte, came to us shortly after closing their seed round to share that they were going to enter the physical health clinic business in parallel to building a digital platform we’d just funded, we gasped a bit. But it turns out that Carolyn is no ordinary CEO. Alongside her cofounder, Felicity Yost, and team, Tia launched a New York City-based clinic for women’s health, designing an experience from the floor (and Instagrammable interiors) up, while delivering incredible results. It was “closing of the loop” ⎼ being able to approach women with a promise of connected and complete healthcare, which earned them raves. Well within its first year of operations, the clinic’s care model and financials were working.

With this proof, and an expansive vision for becoming a women-focused health system, the next wave of incredible investors jumped on board, combining consumer and healthcare market expertise. Last week Tia announced its $24m+ Series A, a formidable round befitting the aggressive strategy. “A new and distinctly female model of care” is what Tia calls its goal, and we couldn’t be happier to continue our support of the team’s mission.

If you also believe that women deserve comprehensive, holistic health care, consider joining the NYC and SF-based team.