Better Together: True of Haus Cocktails and Its Funding

February 11, 2020

You’ve probably come across the bottle in your social feeds, in your favorite lifestyle newsletter or even (and best) on a table or counter in front of you. Haus launched its low ABV spirit with a low key but high impact strategy - gorgeous creative paired with a quality product. We’d expect nothing less from the cofounders, Helena Price Hambrecht and Woody Hambrecht. They’re the perfect puzzle pieces for a startup like Haus. Helena brings marketing, branding, a photographer’s eye and go-to-market hustle, while Woody’s multigenerational wine roots clearly, in venture-speak, “de-risk the startup’s supply chain.”

Helena is a longtime friend and we were very early commitments to her company. Listen to her on the Modern Retail pod if you want a sense of the thoughtfulness and intensity she brings to this endeavor. It’s a similar calculation which led her to raise Haus’ $4.5m seed from a broad variety of funds and individuals. While we normally eschew these highly syndicated fundraises we believe that for a consumer brand like Haus, the fundraising is an opportunity to form almost a distributed team, not just amass capital. Haus had the opportunity to close a similar financing from a more concentrated investor base but decided that it takes a village to build a next generation hospitality brand, so they went and got their villagers. And we couldn’t be happier.