Bringing Trusted AI to a World Powered By AI

December 12, 2019

When we’re considering a new investment, one question we ask ourselves is “do we want to get up every morning and put sweat and reputation behind this team?” because that’s really what we’re committing to do. The capital part of the investment occurs quickly; the relationship portion is built over time. Shortly after meeting the team we knew our answer (yes!), and now that they’ve announced their company, we’re happy to provide the details which got us to commit.

WHO: Founding DNA matters - you can add skillsets, you can add perspectives, but for quite a while, a startup *is* its founders. And’s founding team is exactly what we believe is required for their mission to enable Trusted AI. A mix of high quality operational experience, academic grounding and community activism. CEO Adam Wenchel, lays it out pretty clearly in his Hello World blog post:

“Our founding team includes: Liz O’Sullivan, a noted responsible AI advocate with significant industry experience leading commercial adoption of computer vision and NLP; Dr. John Dickerson, a machine learning faculty member at the University of Maryland who completed his PhD studies at Carnegie Mellon and whose work has been funded by Google, Facebook, and DARPA; and Priscilla Alexander who worked with me at Capital One leading the development and deployment of their highest leverage AI projects.”

Combined with Adam’s serial entrepreneurship and experience leading large scale teams within Capital One, it hasn’t surprised us that has very quickly built a strong technical team in NYC.

WHAT: Trusted AI. That’s’s promise. What is Trusted AI? It’s AI that’s explainable. That can be easily monitored and measured against test performance. That doesn’t need to be babysat by expensive engineering talent. With Trusted AI, companies can understand their algorithms in order to minimize operational, performance and legal risk.

HOW: That’s the secret sauce here isn’t it? The team is live with early customers in a variety of industry segments and finding particular interest from financial and health care companies. If you want to speak with them they’re easy to reach.

WHY: At Homebrew we believe that for every company to benefit from new software capabilities, they’ll need to be complemented by infrastructure. We believe Trusted AI is already a business imperative when work is algorithm-driven and potentially a regulatory imperative in the future, when companies might be held liable for algorithm bias or failure.

So if you want to join the team, they’re hiring. And if you want to speak with them about integrating Trusted AI, they can’t wait to connect.