Habi: Simplifying Residential Real Estate in Latin America

December 1, 2019

From the outset, Homebrew has been focused on the idea that as technology becomes cheaper, more flexible and more accessible, it acts as a democratizing force. The impact of this trend has been felt most acutely in traditional industries that historically haven't benefited from technology. Real estate is certainly one of those industries. In the past 5-7 years the real estate industry in the US has arguably experienced more change than it had undergone in the several decades prior. We've made several investments in support of democratizing access to real estate in the US, and we recently made our first international investment with similar goals.

Habi, based in Bogota, Colombia, recently announced its $5.5 million seed round co-led by Homebrew, Tiger Global and Zigg Capital. The company is simplifying the process of buying and selling residential real estate for middle-class consumers in the complex, $10 trillion Latin American real estate market. This market does not have an MLS or standardized set of housing data. So Habi builds proprietary datasets and pricing algorithms to make it safer and faster to buy, improve and sell properties. We were blown away by the vision that Brynne McNulty Rojas and Sebastian Noguera have for Habi and are thrilled to be partners in their journey to revamp the Latin American real estate market.