​Goodbye Gin Lane, Hello Pattern

August 6, 2019

“We’re going for a ride, would you like to come along?” When this question is posed by the leaders of Gin Lane, a preeminent brand-building digital agency, one’s first inclination is to say “YES” and so we did. Now as supporting investors of Pattern, we can tell you a bit more about what Nick and Emmett are up to.

Pattern is a multi-brand consumer goods company owned and operated under one roof, with each of its brands working toward a shared mission: to help people find more enjoyment in daily life. The team lays out a deeper explanation in this thoughtful launch post -- you’ll see that their decision to close down Gin Lane, after helping to create over $15b worth of new brands, wasn’t because they were thinking small.

Pattern’s first brand launch will be Equal Parts, all about the joy of home cooking, and you can sign up here for more information.