Intellimize Raises $8 Million to Accelerate Web Personalization

May 5, 2019

A/B testing has been both a boon and a curse for companies since third party software became available to help manage it more than a decade ago. But over time, the limitations of A/B testing, and subsequently multivariate testing, have become clear. That’s why, about two years ago, we led an unannounced seed financing for Intellimize. Intellimize has built an AI-based web personalization service that enables the automation of thousands of tests with hundreds of variables in much less time and with much less effort than earlier approaches. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the company recently completed an $8 million Series A financing led by Amplify Partners.

WHO: Intellimize was founded by a team that has lived and breathed the challenges of web personalization for many years. Guy Yalif, Jin Lim and Brian Webb are machine learning and advertising veterans from Yahoo, Twitter, and BrightRoll. Their combined expertise in engineering, product management and marketing are incredible fits with the market opportunity that Intellimize is addressing.

WHAT: Intellimize uses machine learning to personalize mobile and desktop web experiences dynamically for each unique visitor in real time. With it’s AI-powered platform, the company has been able to deliver an average of 46% conversion lift, 577% more than the average lift seen by traditional A/B tests, in several orders of magnitude less time than traditional tests.

HOW: Lots of software companies talking about leveraging machine learning or AI. But the Intellimize team has actually done so in practice at several companies. That practical expertise is the foundation of the company’s product. And importantly, over the long-term, that same expertise will be brought to bear on the entire testing and personalization process, from ideation to measurement. Intellimize customers are already seeing the benefits of a system that continually improves as more customers and more data become part of the Intellimize ecosystem.

WHY: Guy, Jin and Brian had experienced the pain of testing and personalization firsthand at several different companies. They saw that the status quo was bad for both companies and end users. They started Intellimize because online experiences should be geared to the individual but the process of personalizing those experiences is challenging for companies. We are thrilled to be partners in their mission to enable high quality online experiences for all.

If the combination of data and user experience is near and dear to your heart, Intellimize is hiring.