Chime Raises $200 Million to Continue Building a Better Bank

March 24, 2019

We’ve all seen the data. 40% of Americans can’t pay for a $400 emergency expense. Student debt levels surpassed $1.5 trillion last year. Consumers paid a record $34 billion in bank overdraft fees in 2017. For all of these reasons and many more, Chris Britt and Ryan King founded Chime. From the beginning, Chime’s goal was to be the bank that works for its customers, helping them save, invest and borrow money with confidence and without the burden of excessive fees and obstacles. When we first invested in 2013, this was a simple but powerful idea. Six years later, the company has 3 million accounts and recently raised $200 million to continue building a better consumer bank. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of Chime’s journey in building a business and company that has both value and merit in today’s financial services market. Congratulations to the entire Chime team on an important milestone towards building the bank of the future for the customers who need their money to work for them the most. If you believe in the mission of making banking simpler, more powerful and less expensive for everyone, Chime is hiring in nearly all departments.