Outlier Raises $6.2 Million To Help Businesses Know the Impossible

October 25, 2018

All companies have unexpected things happen to them that dramatically impact their businesses. And often times the dashboards and reports that are reviewed each day and week don’t have any answers for what happened or why. Outlier is designed to collect and monitor enterprise data in real-time, and notify people of important moments of unexpected or dramatic change. It’s this opportunity to automate business analysis and turn traditional business intelligence on its head that got Ridge Ventures excited enough to lead a $6.2 million Series A for Outlier.

We’ve known that we have a stellar team, an innovative product and an enormous market opportunity at Outlier. And the early customers have seen the power of Outlier’s daily updates, identifying 4-5 important changes in the data that they can take action on. This fresh capital will enable Outlier to deliver the same outstanding insights to even more customers. We’re excited to see the company continue to build a culture and business that we are proud to have supported since the seed stage. Check out the openings at Outlier and join a team that is playing to win big!