The Camera as Platform: Joining Camera IQ’s Seed Round

March 6, 2018

Will brands and content producers be using the camera as an experiential marketing and creation platform and will consumers be using the camera more to engage in interactive experiences? We believe YES, but envisioning the future isn’t sufficient as a venture investor. You also need to find the team which you believe will get there. In our case this was Allison, Sonia and Camera IQ, who collectively are pioneering “camera marketing” via a connected software platform. Camera IQ is a camera experience manager that unifies OS platforms, AR dev kits and native apps.

Today’s funding announcement (and hiring of Snap’s Camera Platform Product Lead) speak to the momentum Camera IQ has catalyzed in a short-period of time. If your brand or platform is thinking about how to scale usage of augmented reality, this team is the one to contact.