Bowery: High Efficiency Vertical Farming in Urban Environments

February 25, 2018

Bowery, a startup pioneering new technologies in indoor farming, gave the world a preview this past week – you might even say they “lettuce” get a peek into their long-term vision :)

The Bowery team impressed us with their full-stack approach to indoor agriculture. They had hypotheses that the winner in this market would need to innovate on three fronts: the hardware, the software and the financing of the farms. And as result, Bowery can grow 365 days a year, producing 100x more crop yield than traditional farming and using 95% less water.

It’s Homebrew’s first investment in the AgTech vertical, an area we’ve been following closely given our belief that technology can “bottom up” transform existing industries.

Today they’re already shipping tasty greens from their first farm facility in New York’s tri-state region. As TechCrunch wrote, “Bowery uses computer vision and other sensors to monitor its plants and indoor climate. It amasses millions of data points about the variables impacting crops in real-time, and can tell what will change a plant’s growth rate, or otherwise lead to a particular quality, color, texture or flavor.” And you can taste the greens yourself at several Tom Colicchio restaurants in NYC!

Follow Bowery via Facebook and Twitter. And join the team in NYC if the Bowery mission sounds exciting to you.