Loris.ai: Authentic, Empathetic Communication in the Workplace

February 11, 2018

We’re thrilled to be a supporting investor in Loris.ai’s seed financing, a new company focused on helping companies and their employees be better prepared for challenging conversations. Don’t call these “soft skills” - active listening, empathy and communication authenticity are increasingly Must Haves, not Nice to Haves, to succeed in business. Loris CEO and co-founder, Nancy Lublin, previously confronted these issues in the most important environment one could imagine - running Crisis Text Line, the 24/7 text chat service for people in crisis and often contemplating suicide. Loris’s techniques and platform are based on Crisis Text Line but customized for commercial business environments and situations. Loris is working with a small group of successful, forward-thinking companies during its pilot period. If you know a company you think values hard conversations, you can nominate it for inclusion in the pilot on Loris’ website.