Elroy Air Takes to the Sky With Autonomous Aircraft

January 1, 2018

The most anticipated news in the aerospace industry each December holiday season usually involves a sleigh and some reindeer, but in 2017, even Santa has his eyes opened to Elroy Air. The team at Elroy is developing a large-format autonomous aircraft focused on shipping weights of up to 150 lbs as far as 300 miles. This intersection of weight and distance is a particularly valuable segment of the global transportation and logistics market, since it can span multiple “middle distance” scenarios in shipping, infrastructure and public-sector needs.

Homebrew has been interested in the fringes of autonomy since we started the firm in 2013. Elroy marks our sixth startup in this technology vertical following our investments in Cruise, Shield, and three other unannounced companies. Elroy’s founders David and Clint display the same type of technical brilliance, market insights and operational resolve that we saw as critical in our earlier successes here. We’re proud to be supporting investors in Elroy along with a number of wonderful other firms. Oh, and they’re hiring.