Perlara: Helping Find Cures for More Diseases

November 12, 2017

Earlier this month Perlara announced a $7.4 million financing, which includes Homebrew as a supporting investor. We believe in “learning by doing” so when our interest in Software + Biology put us in contact with Perlara’s founder, Ethan Perlstein, we jumped at the chance to become a small part of his cap table. Although we’re not frequent investors in these sorts of computational biology startups, we remain intrigued by the potential and Ethan was the type of person we wanted to include in our portfolio.

Perlara is a Public Benefit Corporation, which is a type of incorporation that allows a company to be both for-profit and for-purpose. In Perlara’s case, this means prioritizing PerlQuests, their model of finding cures for diseases previously deemed too rare or obscure to be prioritized by drug companies. We’ve seen first hand how the team’s commitment to this mission has begun producing high potential results. And we’ve also observed how determined Ethan is to build a company that’s not just profitable but meaningful.

You can learn more about Perlara here.