Chime Raises $18 Million Series B to Build the Bank That Saves You Money

September 28, 2017

Homebrew has long believed that the financial services industry needs to serve its customers better. As in many mainline industries, we’re confident that technology will be an enabler in financial services of democratized access, less expensive products and higher quality experiences. Our investments in Even, Gusto, Plaid, TrueAccord and several other financial technology companies are all representative of this thesis, as was our investment in Chime’s seed round in 2013. Chime is an innovation in banking, providing a debit card with no overdraft or monthly fees, and a savings account plus other tools to help you get financially fit.

We’re proud to have worked with Chris Britt and Ryan King, the cofounders of Chime, and the entire Chime team over the past 4 years. And we’re thrilled to have participated in the $18 million Series B financing that Chime just announced. Chime is well on its way towards changing how consumers think about and benefit from banking. If you’re as excited about the future of Chime as we are, join the team and be part of rethinking what it means to be a customer-centric financial services company.