Prefer: Professionals You Need From People You Know

May 7, 2017

When Scott Belsky says that he’s founding a new company with a great team, including Julio Vasconcellos as CEO, and he’d like you to invest, you say “yes.” And our enthusiasm only grew from there when Scott and Julio described their vision for Prefer, a platform to connect services professionals and consumers through trusted referrals. Having invested in Angie’s List earlier in his career, Satya understood how existing solutions have fallen short and also had insights into the business possibilities. Collectively, we saw right away that Prefer had the unique combination of a stellar team, enormous market opportunity and clear product strategy.

We’re happy to play a supporting role in Prefer’s initial financing, led by Benchmark Capital. The company’s mission and vision are very much in line with our focus on the Bottom Up Economy as core to Prefer is helping service professionals get a steady stream of clients via referrals. By handling payments, scheduling and customer acquisition, Prefer makes it possible for service professionals to build their business while focusing on what they do best.

If you’re in New York, download Prefer now. And if you’re excited about the future of Prefer, join the team in either SF or NYC.