Here Comes The Boom: Supersonic Aircraft Startup Raises $33M Series A Round

March 24, 2017

When we started Homebrew one of our core hypotheses was that a new type of supersonic transport was just around the corner so when we saw Boom we knew…. Hold on, that’s a lie. If you asked us in Jan 2013 if we were going to be funding an audacious aircraft startup like Boom we would have probably just shrugged our shoulders. But four years later, it actually makes sense.

We founded Homebrew on a central premise: that technology’s impact upon the largest industries was going to be accelerating and that this would create unexpected opportunities for startups to transform traditional markets. Accordingly, since 2013, we’ve made a series of lead and supporting investments in several transportation or transport-related verticals. The first was Cruise Automation in 2013.

In subsequent years Homebrew has made three additional unannounced investments in related areas, of which Boom is one. Across all these startups we see exciting uses of software in areas such as computer simulation, computer vision, machine learning and other advanced techniques. We also see new materials and composites employed in the hardware. These are truly machines which couldn’t have been built - at any price point - just a few years ago.

Boom CEO Blake Scholl has done a superb job building ties with the aviation industry, resulting in billions of dollars of orders committed against his delivery. Now, with an additional $33m of Series A capital, he and the team can move even faster towards a future of faster flight. Homebrew was fortunate to participate in the seed round and now continue our support in the Series A as well. Boom!