How to Think About Performance Management at Startups

December 6, 2016

As a follow-up to our Compensation at Startups resource document, we wanted to provide some thoughts on another critical issues related to your people, your most important asset. When your company gets to around 20 people, engaging and rewarding employees becomes a growing challenge. So implementing a good performance management system is a high value investment. Homebrew works closely with our companies to think through how to retain, manage and reward talent. We’ve documented some of those basic guidelines in Performance Management at Startups.

This document includes tips on giving and receiving feedback and how to choose the right performance management tools for your company. If you have thoughts on this topic or feedback on this document, please contact Beth Scheer, Homebrew’s Head of Talent. We look forward to hearing your perspectives. As with the Compensation and Thoughts on Diversity resources, this is a living document that we will update as we get feedback and develop new perspectives.