Weave Combines Software and Telephony to Deliver Results for Small Businesses

June 13, 2014

A postcard in the mail, with a hand-drawn smiley face if you’re lucky. That’s state of the art for reminding you about your upcoming appointment for most dental practices. Weave is changing all of that – combining the power of customer relationship management software and VoIP-based telephony to enable dental practices to modernize their customer interactions. I t starts with teeth but spreads to many categories of client-service oriented small businesses. Weave’s a perfect fit for our Bottom Up Economy focus and vertical software thesis, here’s why:

WHO: At Homebrew, we get really excited whenever we meet founders who are disrupting their industries with love. And when we met Brandon Rodman, Jared Rodman and Clint Berry, we knew we’d found a team doing just that. Brandon had previously started a business that did appointment scheduling for dentists offices. During that time he saw just how archaic and inefficient dentists offices can be when it comes to managing patient relationships. Hence the inspiration for Weave.

WHAT: Weave combines simple messaging software, VoIP-based telephony service and dental software integration to enable dental practice staff to communicate more easily and efficiently with patients. And it does all of this for the same price as plain old telephony service from the major carriers. Using Weave results in more satisfied and loyal patients, happier staff and improved scheduling for dental practices (i.e., higher utilization). And the dental vertical is just the beginning.

HOW: Weave replaces the old telephony service with its VoIP-based service, including switching out existing telephony hardware. For $300 per month, offices get unlimited lines, text and voice. And with its dental software integration, whenever a patient calls, everything the office knows about him or her automatically pops-up on a staff member’s computer screen. Over 600 offices are live with Weave today and the list of offices waiting to be installed is long and growing fast.

WHY: Brandon and Jared grew up with a dental hygienist mother and Brandon always wanted to be a dentist, but he wasn’t keen on the clinical side of dentistry. But his passion for the industry led him to build a scheduling business, which further exposed him to the inner workings of dental practices. Importantly, Brandon and the team see that technology can provide incredible benefits not just to dentist offices, but to all small businesses that want to have better customer interactions. We’re big believers in this mission and the overarching trend of technology becoming more affordable, accessible and flexible, allowing businesses of any size to reap the same benefits that larger enterprises have for many years now.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with the entire Weave team and to support them in the coming years as they build a stellar SaaS business.